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Railway Track Safety Patrol (2020)

Completed an on-foot assessment of all safety hazards along my employer's rail line in Calgary. I volunteered to complete this safety report in addition to my regular duties as a train conductor.

Report was provided to railway management prior to COVID-19 layoff.

Full report with confidential information redacted can be provided upon request as a sample of technical writing skill.


NOEL Indoor Light Festival Planning  Proposal (2020)

Submitted a proposal to the ownership team of the The NOEL Indoor Light Festival upon their request for 2020.

Proposal included suggestions for operational improvements, staffing, and scheduling. Along with many ideas to enhance the experience of customers.

Full report with confidential information redacted can be provided upon request as a sample of project management and proposal writing skills.

Balloons screenshot.jpg

NOEL 2019 Highlight Video

With the aid of cinematrographer Arty Sych, I produced a highlight reel for the 2019 NOEL Indoor Light Park.


This footage will be used to market the festival in future years.

Eric NOEL Stage Host_web.jpg

NOEL Indoor Light Festival Entertainment Director (2019)

I was hired as the Entertainment Director for the 5th and final week of NOEL 2019 from Jan 1-5, 2020.

I oversaw the transition in themes from Christmas to "Winter Carnival", contracted all stage entertainers, oversaw Activity Host and Workshop staff.


I also acted as the festival's Stage Host and performed nightly as Trivia Master.


ComCycle Electronics Recovery - Partner (2019)

Oversaw the secure data destruction and refurbishment of dozens of computer devices salvaged from a downsizing architecture firm.

Seasonal business based in Calgary, Alberta.

90% of electronics recovered from the architecture firm was successfully refurbished and repurposed.

Melville Food Bank.jpg

Melville Food Bank Digital Infrastructure & Webstore (2019-2020)

Prior to 2019 The Melville & District Food Bank had no online presence or digital infrastructure.

Volunteered over 120 hours in 2019 to establish enterprise G Suite email system, social media presence, SEO, webstore capable of taking online donations securely, etc.

As a direct result of my efforts, aproximately $22,000 was raised between Aug 2019 and April 2020 through

Graphic Budget Breakdown.png

Railway Onboarding Documentation and Trackage Guides (2019)

Applied my skills as a Technical Writer to improve the onboarding documentation of Transportation department railway employees.

This project was in addition to my regular duties as a railway conductor.

Previous documentation was very inadaquate and written by staff with no "boots on the ground" experience.

The new documentation received strong praise from management and is now the version used to train new employees.

All documents with confidential information redacted can be provided upon request as a sample of technical writing skills.

Raw Venue Screenshot 2.png

The Raw Venue Project (2012-2016)

The Raw Venue Project was conceived as an experiment for the Calgary Event Industry. As a major aid to assist plan events large and small.


The goal was to compile a large library of easily shareable 3D and 2D pictures of venue interiors and exteriors. A central database that venues, planners, and clients could all use.

The project was abandoned in 2016 due to lack of capital investment. However, Eric's contributions still remain publicly viewable online.

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